iconReview Pages

The Review Pages tool generates a set of HTML pages that show the status of a working copy, or the difference between given revisions of a code repository, suitable for review. There is no need in a special server.

Main page Diff page

Project page on SourceForge.net: http://sourceforge.net/projects/reviewpages/

Test review pages: webrev/index.html


webrev [options] [SRC] ...


Show program's version number and exit
-h, --help
Show this help message and exit
-a AUTHOR, --author=AUTHOR
Set name and email of the author of the changes
Attach custom files from ':' separated LIST
-c COMMENTS, --comments=COMMENTS
Add comments that will be shown on the main page
Use the EXECUTABLE as text editor to add comments
-f, --fresh
Clean the target directory first
-i, --ignore-conf
Don't use the stored configuration
-l LEVEL, --log-level=LEVEL
Set the log level: debug,info,warning,critical,error
-n, --no-tools
Generate diffs only, don't include review tools
Do not include the originals for modified and deleted files
Do not get extra information from a remote repository
Do not generate the patches
-o PATH, --output=PATH
Set output path
-p PATH, --parent=PATH
Set common parent dir to be not shortened
Add a prefix for paths
-q, --quiet
Do not print anything to stdout. Overwrite output directory silently if it exists. Do not open an editor
-t SIZE, --tab-size=SIZE
Set tab size. All tabs will be replaced with SIZE spaces
-u URL, --upload=URL
Upload the pages to a URL. ftp://, scp and plain copy are supported
-v, --verbose
Print progress and notes. The same as '-l debug'
-w NUM, --column-width=NUM
Break lines in sided diffs after NUM symbol
-x LIST, --exclude=LIST
Exclude ':' separated LIST of items from review
SRC may include the following data:
    username:password - version control system account.
    PATH may specify local or remote sources of different revisions:
        path[R1] - path[R2]
    Where R1 and R2 are revision numbers in terms of the target VCS.
    VCS is one of the: Subversion (svn, s), Mercurial (hg, h), Perforce (p4, p), LocalFile (local, l), Git (g).


    webrev Mike:1234@myproject/trunk[PREV]
        diff between previous version (SVN) and local changes

    webrev /home/user1/appdata - /home/user2/appdata
        diff between the appdata directories

    webrev Mike@http://mysite.net/svn/project/trunk,subversion[223-224]
        diff between 223 and 224 revisions of the remote project using subversion

    webrev -vin myproject[150] --no-extra-info -d vim --attach LICENCE
        diff made by 150 revision of myproject, produce verbose output,
        don't use configuration file, don't include review tools,
        don't get extra info from the repository, use Vim for editing comments,
        attach LICENCE file